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Brandon Stewart of Coastal Outdoor Spaces has been helping homeowners in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County improve their outdoor living spaces for over 20 years.

The Coastal Look

As a long-time Annapolis deck builder, we build a lot of decks, but we also do much more than other deck companies. Our services include patios, landscape design, planting, stone and masonry work, fencing of all kinds, and building a wide array of structures such as screened porches, sunrooms, and gazebos.

The Coastal Look is a popular trend and a traditional style for outdoor living spaces, which evokes a nautical feel often associated with shore living, the beach, harbor views, lakeside properties, river communities, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, fishing, sailing, pleasure cruising and a water-oriented lifestyle. We can incorporate this look into any project, large or small. When we consult, design, and build Coastal style outdoor living spaces for our clients, we take into account their personal tastes and marry them with industry-standard best practices. Landscape design, architecture, and color are key elements when creating Coastal Outdoor Spaces.

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 Annapolis Deck Builder and so much more

  • Decks, stairs, and landings (wood or composite)

  • Railings (vinyl, aluminum, cable, steel or wood)

  • Fences (wood, vinyl, aluminum or chain link)

  • Patios (pavers, bluestone, or flagstone)

  • Porches and sunrooms

  • Lighting – low voltage

  • Landscape designs (walls, mulching, planting, and stones)

  • Pavilions

  • Pergolas and Arbors

  • Gazebos

Let your idea blossom

What often happens to your idea? It grows. It will take a great design to bring out the best in your yard. We can help you develop deck design ideas. Attractive landscaping with walkways may lead from the deck to a patio. When you talk with an Annapolis deck builder, you need more than just a deck and fence company. You will benefit from a large variety of options. You need a paver patio company, a screen porch builder, and a landscaper. We are all of those things. We may recommend a variety of ideas, such as built-in benches and lighting on the deck. Below and next to the deck, there could be a patio with an ivy-covered pergola for a private conversation area. Our plans can include attractive mulching, stones, and planting for your outdoor living space. A fence we may build for you will coordinate with the landscaping and other features of your property. In order to understand what you need, it is critical to have an expert who has worked with hundreds of homeowners in similar situations in Annapolis. This is how we can help.

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Decks connect you with nature

We build composite or wood decks with a variety of railing choices such as wood, vinyl or steel cable. A deck will connect you with nature, extend your entertainment space, and is a smart investment in your home. Adding a porch or sunroom, depending on your personal style and what you want from the space, will provide shade and protection from the weather. A screened gazebo that sits at the far end of a space can offer a nice hideaway for relaxing, privacy, and romantic dinners.

As an Annapolis deck builder, we feel that creating a comfortable and great looking outdoor living space goes beyond the specific deck design and often includes incorporating attractive patios, flowing walkways, creative landscaping, walls or fencing to connect the various elements of your space.

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Homeowners build fences on their property for many reasons. When designing an outdoor living space, a fence can add so much style and personality to your living space – in addition to all the practical aspects. A strong fence, no matter what the material, is one more obstacle between your home and unwanted attention. For pool owners, a sturdy fence is absolutely essential to keep neighborhood children from accessing your property when no one is home. We will coordinate the fence with a deck so that they compliment each other visually.


Patios and Walkways

A patio may sit at the base of a deck, off of a backdoor, or can be designed to fit anywhere on the property. A nice walkway can lead to your front, back door, or to a beautiful patio and pergola combination. Patios and walkways can compliment a tall screened gazebo that sits near a small pond or waterfront. There are situations where a patio is actually superior to a deck for certain property layouts or the homeowner’s goals. For example, if the prime objective is both comfort and privacy, a combination of stairs that lead down from the kitchen to a ground level patio with a nice tall fence will help provide the desired end result. With attractive plantings and walls, the outdoor space can be a beautiful and relaxing environment.

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Landscaping Walls

Landscaping walls will add structure and curb appeal to an open yard or flowering garden. Our strong landscape design skills can turn your property into a welcoming mosaic of colors and patterns. The impact of a detailed and well-planned design can make so much difference for the long-term enjoyment of your investment. Something as simple as landscaping walls will add design dimensions to your deck project, which are pleasing to the eye and provide practical organization for your space.


Pergolas and Arbors

arbor_with_gate_200Pergolas and arbors are design elements that add a great deal of visual appeal and personality to an outdoor living space. Arbors are particularly effective for entry and exit pathways within the space. A pergola can set a deck or patio apart from other parts of the space and provide a structure for hanging plants and lighting.

When some shade is desired for a deck or patio, a pergola can be used as an alternative to a porch. Flowering and potted plants, ivy and other plant-life can grow up and over a pergola to block the sun or create privacy. Adding a pergola to a broad and flat area, such as a large deck, can create some badly needed height. With an area of height, the asymmetrical view is pleasing to the eye – and you can add colorful hanging plants and decor to brighten up the area. Arbors perform a similar service for fencing and walls around a yard and can be built with or without a gate. They will provide a dramatic entryway to your outdoor space and break up the long horizontal pattern that comes with a fence.


Landscape Design

When designing your outdoor space, you can think of it in terms of your indoor space. You can have a living room, dining room, kitchen and family room in your yard with creative landscape design. Landscaping walls and walkways can guide you and your guests from one space to another. Great design can turn a forgotten area of your property into a popular and attractive gathering place. Coordinating the right colors, plantings, and stone with your deck will create the relaxing atmosphere you desire.

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What clients say

“Brandon Stewart and his entire team are very professional and do exceptionally high quality work. Brandon’s knowledge of building requirements are fantastic. He navigated the permit process quickly and smoothly and also his knowledge of critical area guidelines are excellent. His team worked well together and always left a clean, safe job site. Our deck project was finished quickly, within provided budget, ahead of schedule and it turned out amazing. The lighting that went along with the deck and our outdoor spaces really enhanced the look and feel of an already great project. We highly recommend Brandon and Coastal Outdoor Spaces.”  -Brian Goodwin

“My husband and I were looking for a way to add shade to our pool deck that added to the beauty of our outdoor space. What we received from Coastal was much more! Brandon Stewart and his crew designed and built a pergola that will allow us to use the space as an outdoor living room, with room for seating and electricity for a TV set up. The quality and craftsmanship from Coastal Deck and Fence exceeds expectations. The carpenters were friendly and very clean.”  -Sandy Cotton

“Coastal did a wonderful job on our Edgewater home. The care and precision that Brandon Stewart took to assure the job was completed to our satisfaction was incredible. The workmanship and attention to detail will have us using the company for our future deck and fencing needs. The team of workers were able to work around the bad weather to complete our deck modification and lattice installation in a timely fashion.”  -TL Clennon

“We hired Brandon at Coastal to do the deck we wanted to have built at our house. He delivered as promised and went above and beyond… always communicating the progress for the permits and delivering a seamless product that my wife and I will enjoy for years to come… We are truly grateful to have been able to work with Brandon and can assure anyone out there, you won’t be able to find someone else that puts in the time and effort to make sure the client is happy.”   -Jordan & Kelly Bosmeny

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